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Welcome to SHIELD, Agent.

Staff Roster - Tag in here with your character/AU info/Whatever (Multiples welcome!)

Resources - A handful of links to help you form your AU if you're having trouble.

Setting - Coming soon

The main rules? Relax. Just Have FUN. Don't be a dick OOC. You know. The usual.

This is an MCU based musebox, mostly revolving around the S.H.I.E.L.D. organization, with leeway for other Marvel universes if you desire. But for ease of access, overall, we're in the MCU (earth 199999).

If there comes a time that more structure is necessary, I will add more. However, this is borne entirely of the desire to have a place where we can throw all our non!Marvel characters and have them be a part of that world.

Multiples of each character are totally welcome, seeing as this is a musebox for funtiems.

Everyone has posting access and is welcome to post plot, fic, art, memes, your own threads, anything that fits in our happy little AU we've created. ♥

So, bring on the fun, the angst, the drama, the destruction, let's just have fun!

Any questions? Hit me up with a PM on the mod journal.

At the moment this musebox is closed to people I know, but that will change once we're out of the beta stage.

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